A Meta adventure into the depths of consiousness.


The Realm of MU is an ongoing meta media project, being expanded on the Ethereum blockchain. The main format of the project is what we call “Meta Media Discs” (MMD). These are NFT’s connected to hybrid 3d experiences, hosted in browser based Unity 3D WebGL environments. MMD’s are modular and expandable over time. The experiences can range from small gameplay dynamics, narrative animations or upgradable 3D assets like characters, game items & architecture.

3D Environments & Narratives

The Gate

The Gate is a transformative space between the material and non-material world, a first introduction to The Realm of MU. Do you have what it takes to cross the border into another reality?

The Forge

Once inside the first level of MU, one can find a forge in the middle of it. The Forge is as hot as a trillion rays of sunshine. It holds the power of the Sacred Energy Sculpture. A meta technology that gives life to MU.

The Realm

The Realm of MU in all it’s glory. Our minds can only get a glimpse of the beauty that’s inside. Around it’s core you will find endless dimonesionality, creatures, languages & worlds to exist.

Residents of MU


Although born on Earth, Beervangeer’s home is not on Earth’s physical plane of existence, but a permanent resident in Mu. Only by sculpting energy can Beervangeer teleport between these alternate realms, from earth like planets to cybernetic matrices…


His strong connection with the spirits of the natural planes enables him to transform matter and energy into structures. These structures take on the shape of crystalline temples that are are connecting different planes of existence to The Realm of MU. 

Crossover Visitors


The Hashmonks are a key element in the harmonious functioning of the Mempool. A monastic order dedicated to guiding pending transactions along the many rivers and tributaries of the mempool as they wait to be selected and integrated into an upcoming block. Visiting from the Pillverse.


Sloth, the guardian of dreams. Protector of the collective unconsiousness. A creation of Jml2Art.

Project Team

This project is led by Beer van Geer (Beervangeer) and partner Sander Bos (XanderBos). We don’t have a roadmap or discord (yet) for the project. Purely having fun, discovering new technologies and making friends in the MetaVerse. We are open to collabs and integration of your meta-creations!


Beervangeer is a studio for development of Meta Media & Generative Art with focus on exploration of human consciousness. 


Visionary painter, digital animator & Meta Architect.


Web3 programmer.


2D Character Design


Frerick den Haan, outstanding Music composer.


3D Character Modeling.